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Shallow Sport 18' Sport

The 18' Sport's all composite construction and double tunnel design equals unmatched performance with an eye popping appearance. She drifts like a dream, can be easily poled across the flats and delivers the smooth dry ride that Shallow Sports are known for.

Shallow Sport 21'5 Sport

The 21'5 Sport…offers you the same advantages of the 18', but on a larger scale.

Shallow Sport 24' Sport

The 24' Sport…no other boat promises such high standards and delivers them. She can run across the skinniest flat and supplies a hole shot that is second to none.

Shallow Sport 18' SE

The 18' SE…value and quality come together. She's well equipped for a fun filled day on the bay!

Shallow Sport 18'5 Classic

The 18'5 Classic…simply legendary. The new 18'5 Classic is a throwback to our original legendary 18'5 Scooter which was in production from 1982 until 1991.

Shallow Sport 20' Classic

The 20' Classic…her performance will blow your socks off! She has an amazing ride, with a light weight and sporty hull that has become a wade fisherman's dream come true.

Shallow Sport 24' Classic

The 24' Classic…freedom with a touch of exhilaration. The all-new 24' Classic is unmatched style and performance down to the very last detail.

Shallow Sport 21' Modified V

The 21' Modified V …a boat for all seasons (and seas!). Be prepared to be wowed by her safe, sound, dry and smooth ride. Whether its shallow water flats or close offshore…she does both with grace and style.

Shallow Sport 24' Modified V

The 24' Modified V…simply the best- all around bay fishing boat available…built by a trusted source of innovation, design and performance: Shallow Sport.

Shallow Sport 25' X3

The 25' X3…many say Shallow Sport is defined by its continuous innovation…the all new X3 proves the point.

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