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"A good friend of mine came along with me when I went to The Sportsman. He'd recently purchased a big ticket item from somewhere else. He said he wished he could have video-taped the whole process at The Sportsman, and shown it to the other place. He was very impressed... as was I. The whole ordering process and everything was very professionally done."

Alan S. - New Shallow Sport 24'V

"The Sportsman's the most professional boat dealer I've ever been to."

James F. - New Shallow Sport 21' Bahia

"Here's my beauty. I was standing in ankle deep water by Long Bar when I took it. My Shallow Sport's awesome!"

Carlos M. - New Shallow Sport 18' Bahia

"I saw a lot of boats at this year’s Boat Show – nothing comes close to your Shallow Sports. I’m glad I went with The Sportsman. Your service is great and your people are very friendly. Thank you so much. I love my boat."

Fernando R. - New Shallow Sport 18 Sprint

“I really appreciate everything the Sportsman did for Priscilla and I – this boat has special meaning to us.”

Joe & Priscilla R.. – New Shallow Sport 18 “Gig ‘em Aggies” Sprint
In memory of their daughter, Melissa - Texas A&M, Class of 2001

"Hey its Colton -- I just wanted to thank you for getting my boat ready. I was shocked when my dad pulled up with it in the drive way – it was unexpected. I love it. It gets up great in shallow water. Hope you like the pictures."

Colton King - New Shallow Sport 15’ Scooter
a gift from his Dad

Just wanted to thank you again for the great workmanship, attention to detail and wonderful experience I encountered while doing business with your organization. I’m including some pictures of my Shallow Sport for you.

Jorge T – New Shallow Sport 18’5 Classic Scooter

Specializing in Shallow Draft Bay Fishing Boats For Over 60 Years